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Proximal Anterior Strips

Proximal anterior Strips № 1.387A, № 1.387, № 1.388 can be used upon restoration of proximal surfaces of anteriors. How to Operate Install anterior strip vertically. Press the handhold of the strip forcing its working part to the adjacent tooth. PROXIMAL ANTERIOR STRIPS: CLINICAL CASE TWIN ANTERIOR MATRICES: OPERATING POSITION

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Ceramometalivore Burs

Protocol to make a quick crown prep in 3 steps 1. Elimination of the occlusal side. Eliminate the occlusal side until you can see the layers of the tooth (dentine/enamel) 2. Insert the Ultra Ceramometalivore Penetrate through the enamel down to the dentin 3. Eliminate the enamel Peel the enamel Read more…

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Wagotrix Sectional Matrix System

Instructions to use Wagotrix Sectional Matrix System Placement of Pre-Wedge. After rubber dam placement and preparation, select appropriate size wedge and place interproximally on either buccal or lingual surface. Pre-wedging allows for pre-separation and makes matrix application easier.(Figure 1) Placement of Matrix. Select matrix based on the approximate occlusogingival height. Place prongs Read more…

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Physics Forceps

About the Physics Forceps The Physics Forceps are an innovative design that provides a simple mechanical advantage by employing first-class lever mechanics. Utilizing the patented “beak and bumper” technique, you can simply and predictably extract virtually any tooth in any condition while preserving the buccal bone and socket. The beak Read more…

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