Instructions to use Wagotrix Sectional Matrix System

  1. Placement of Pre-Wedge. After rubber dam placement and preparation, select appropriate size wedge and place interproximally on either buccal or lingual surface. Pre-wedging allows for pre-separation and makes matrix application easier.(Figure 1)
  2. Placement of Matrix. Select matrix based on the approximate occlusogingival height. Place prongs of Pin-Holder through corresponding holes in the matrix with the gold side visible to easily disengage the instrument once the matrix is in place. Slightly withdraw pre-wedge before inserting matrix and then reinsert wedge once matrix is placed.
    If you prefer to place matrix before wedge, place a finger at the occlusal aspect of the matrix to hold it in place & prevent it from dislodging, or use Pin-Holder to secure matrix, proceed with wedge placement. (Figure 2).
    Wagotrix Sectional Matrix SystemFold the matrix tab towards you so you can insert the matrix apically into the gingival crevice & adjust matrix to the proper height to obtain ideal benefit from the contour of matrix. (Figure 3)
    Wagotrix Sectional Matrix System
  3. Placement of Wagotrix™ Ring. Use the ring forceps to grasp and slightly expand the ring. Carefully place the ring as low as possible with the tines of the ring close to the gingival margin and straddling the wedge(s). (Figure 4)

    Wagotrix Sectional Matrix SystemWhen you are ready to release the ring from the Ring Forceps, place your finger and press down on the matrix tab to prevent any unwanted movement. (Figure 5)
    Wagotrix Sectional Matrix SystemWagotrix™ Ring in the ideal position from a buccal view. (Figure 6)
    Wagotrix Sectional Matrix SystemDual-Wedging: The Wagotrix™ system allows for the insertion of a second wedge, to prevent any leakage, to be placed from the opposite side without removing the ring. The second wedge should be inserted underneath the frst wedge. (Figure 7)

    Wagotrix Sectional Matrix System

    Mesial & Distal Ring Placement: The ring may be placed mesially and/or distally for better access such as the case with MOD restoration. (Figure 8)
    Wagotrix Sectional Matrix SystemDual-Mesial Ring Placement: Wagotrix™ ring may be stacked over each other for better access such as the case with MOD restoration. (Figure 9)
    Wagotrix Sectional Matrix System

  4. Perform Restoration: Proceed to fll entire cavity preparation with Wagofl™ Zirconium Composite, or desired composite material.
  5. Wagotrix™ Removal: Remove ring using Ring Forceps, remove wedge(s) using Pin-Holder, separate matrix from composite using a thin bladed instrument by pushing the instrument into the embrasure. Fold matrix wings backwards and cure composite again from buccal and lingual surfaces. Remove matrix with Pin-Holder; grip one of the matrix holes with the Pin-Holder and gently wiggle the matrix out. (Figure 10).
    Wagotrix Sectional Matrix System
    If needed, you may use another Pin-Holder on the “opposite” side of the matrix and move the matrix back and forth, or upward, until loose.
  6. Contour & Polish Final Restoration.
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