FILPOST is made by FILHOL DENTAL, a company specialising in the manufacture of high quality retention posts for over 40 years. Numerous FILPOSTs have been used worldwide.

Filpost - Root Canal Posts
  • Unique passive interlock
    for strong retention, created by retention grooves along the post and retention grooves formed within the canal surface by the FILPOST Universal Groover.
  • Easy to customise to suit canal
    without risk of fracture, enables two or more posts to be easily inserted into converging canals.
  • NO drilling required
    avoids the risk of perforation and saves time as no need for drilling.
  • Anatomical shape
    minimises dentine removal during placement, preserves tooth structure, avoids weakening the tooth.
  • Anti-rotation vents
    along entire length, relieves hydrostatic pressure during placement.
  • Micro-roughened surface
    for added post retention.
  • 99.8% pure titanium
    biocompatible, will not corrode, compatible with all dental materials.

When to Use

  • To provide retention of restorations by single or multiple root posts.

How to Use

Filpost - Root Canal Posts
Remove adequate gutta percha from root canal and then use a Gates Glidden drill or equivalent to create a post space to the required depth and shape.
Filpost - Root Canal Posts
To create retention grooves on the inner surface of the canal, attach the FILPOST Universal Groover onto a slow-speed handpiece, insert into the canal up to the desired depth and rotate once or twice using a slow circular motion.
Filpost - Root Canal Posts
Select the correct sized FILPOST and carefully place into the root canal. Bend and shorten the post as required to suit the shape and length of the canal and the proposed core build-up.
Filpost - Root Canal Posts
After confirming correct adjustment, clean the canal space and cement FILPOST into the root canal using any type of luting cement.
Filpost - Root Canal Posts
Final build up of the core and restoration can now take place.


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