Trihawk Talon 12- Metal Cutting Bur – 10 Pcs

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TRI-HAWK Talon Metal & Crown Cutting Bur

Talon line is the only line of metal and crown cutting burs with a hyperbolic shape and blades on top of the bur as well as on the sides.

The Talon 12 is our most popular Talon bur worldwide, and our #1 bur for tough restorative jobs. We’re pretty sure you’ll find it to be the fastest-cutting, most aggressive bur you’ve ever seen for removal of old crowns, bridges and amalgam. We encourage you to give the Talon 12 a test drive and see for yourself why it’s the choice of bur connoisseurs around the world.


  • For metal & crown cutting

TRIHAWK is a world leader in manufacturing metal cutting bur and Talon12, the flagship product, has no parallel in the global market. Already sold 100 million burs in last 50 years and still counting.

Trihawk’s vision is simple and clear: To be the standard by which all other burs are judged.

Head Diameter (mm): 1.2

Head Length (mm): 4.2

Overall Length (mm): 19.5

Packaging – 10 Pcs

  • They cut vertically as well as horizontally
  • A Talon’s cutting speed is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.
  • It’s always cutting regardless of the angle you’re holding it at.
  • It cuts as fast during the last 10 seconds as the first 10 seconds