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Finishing Strips
Product Safety, Clinical Tips & Instructions for Use

  • Wagostrips are hand held, single sided, finishing strips used for finishing a restoration in the posterior region of the mouth following use of the Wagotrix Sectional Matrix system. The Wagostrips are ideal to –
    • smooth and/or finish interproximal composites;
    • eliminate overhangs; and
    • efficiently and simply achieve the optimal contacts.
  • As a safety precaution, prior to using the Wagostrips, secure the Wagostrips with a piece of dental floss through one of the tether holes located at the top of the Wagostrips handle and wrap the opposite end of the floss around one of your fingers to secure the Wagostrips to prevent inhalation.
  • The depth limiting design prevents soft tissue injury, while the unique handle provides a comfortable grip for optimal tactile control, giving doctors easy access to interproximal spaces.
  • Sterilize Wagostips prior to use following the instructions outlined below.
  • Recommended use is 5-10 times prior to replacement

Instructions for Use

1. Breaking Bond. If necessary based on the clinical case, use the WS3 White 0.5mm Contact Breaker following the removal of the Wagotrix Sectional Matrices to break the bond or simply for clearing the contact area to enable flossing.

2. Achieving Optimal Contacts. In order to achieve optimal contacts, use your WS1 Yellow 0.7mm Straight and/or WS2 Yellow 0.7mm Curved Wagostrips to refine or adjust the contacts.

3. It’s That Easy! Admire your beautiful restoration.