WAMkey – Crown & Bridge Removal

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The product includes

  • Key 1: 1 piece
  • Key 2: 1 piece
  • Key 3: 1 piece

WAMkey is, quite simply, the easiest to use and most effective crown and bridge removal system on the market. With advancements in adhesive cement, many crown removal products on the market have the potential of fracturing the tooth preparation. As a result, most dentists have resorted to cutting off crowns with high-speed diamond burs. This can take a lot of time, wear out your handpiece, use your burs, be uncomfortable for the patient and lastly be a very frustrating process. Try WAMkey with endo for easier access to canals and better diagnosis. Repair is easier and more reliable than on an occlusal surface. Allows for the crown to be re-used as temporary or permanent.

  1. WAMkey is a simple to use solution.
  2. It will not cause any pain to your patients. It’s (usually less than 2 minutes per crown).
  3. In most situations, you can reuse the crown provisionally, in a few cases, you can even reuse them permanently.

Dental Advisor recently rated it ++++1/2 and the 2015 Top Crown and Bridge Product. So do your patients and your practice a favor, and try the WAMkey today. For more details click here