Nishika Canal Sealer BG (Bioactive Glass)




NISHIKA CANAL SEALER BG multi is a Bioactive Glass-containing material with multi indications.
NISHIKA CANAL SEALER BG multi Paste is an ideal paste to be applied as root canal sealer. By adding NISHIKA CANAL SEALER BG multi Powder to the paste, the consistency can be changed as desired and it can be used for pulp capping.
With good handleability, the property is controllable because powder can be mixed easily with paste. The mixed paste can be delivered with a commonly-used instrument. BG multi, which does not crash in contact with water just after mixing, won’t break easily even in the presence of blood or tissue fluid.

Details :

STORAGE At room temperature (1-30℃) ※DO NOT freeze.
PACKAGING Paste (double syringe 1 piece) [Paste A: 1.5g/ Paste B: 1.5g] Powder (jar 1piece) [2g]