About Us

FILAY DENT is a fast growing company which deals in innovative and high quality dental products. As we keep working with new clients all over India, We continue to evolve as a solution provider for your dental needs. Retention systems – Filpin & Filpost by Filhol Dental (Ireland), Matrix Systems, Wedges, Polishing Discs and Strips – Tor (Moscow, Ruissia), Dental Polishers – Kenda (Liechtenstein).

We also supply Mouth Mirrors specially imported from Roder, Germany. In affiliation with Lamay, Germany all our products are CE marked. Participating in various dental exhibitions we are constantly aligning ourselves to the latest in the world of dental products. 


All products that we deal in are CE Marked, in strict compliance with European guideline for medical devices


New innovative, high quality products for dentistry will continue to be main drive for Filay Dent

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